The link between Sherlock Holmes, Galactica and Mitt Romney

In one of my first posts, I explained how I like to create links and connections between things and navigate from one item to another using these interconnections. The first thing two Jews do when they meet for the first time is to check how they are related and who they know in common. I like to do that with everything. Here another example.

I watched yesterday the new episode of the BBC series « Sherlock » – « A Scandal in Belgravia » – inspired by the famous Conan Doyle novel « A Scandal in Bohemia« . The first season of Sherlock was great, this episode was truly excellent, fabulously well written and acted with a great story. The main arc also remind me of the 1970 Billy Wilder movie « The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes« , maybe the best Sherlock Holmes movie ever even if based on original material. The two stories deal with a woman who outwits Sherlock and the closest romantic relation he ever had, but a woman who also uses him for her own ends – namely uncover the secret governmental project that Mycroft Holmes is leading.

The first episode of the BBC series Sherlock, by Steven Moffat, in 2011, was called « A Study in Pink » – referencing the very first Sherlock Holmes novel published in 1887, « A Study in Scarlet« . The funny often forgotten thing about this novel is that the main bad guys in the story are the leaders of the then relatively new religion of the Mormons. They are depicted as a tyrannical and violent cult that used murder and terror to control its members. Of course, nowadays this story is not very politically correct and the Mormons even tries to suppress it altogether.

The Mormon religion inspired another popular item: the original Battlestar Galactica TV series of 1978. The story of the « 12 colonies » fleeing persecution and looking for a new home has of course Biblical motives but it is clearly also a depiction of the « Great Migration » of the Mormons in the 1840’s that were then governed by a body called « The Quorum of the 12 », exactly as in Galactica.

All this leads us to the leading Republican candidate that has a good chance to be the next US president: Mitt Romney, who is a Mormon. After a (not exactly) Black, a Mormon at the head of the USA would be a new revolution, but I guess we will hear a lot about it in the next few months.

So like the Jews know, everything is linked to everything and we can always discover relationships between apparently unrelated people, events and things.

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  1. Hi Benjamin,

    Thanks a lot for the interesting article.

    There is also a famous film from 1940, by Henry Hathaway,
    known in French as'Odyss%C3%A9e_des_Mormons
    Mormons are presented in the film apparently in a positive way.

    Regarding the first novel on Shelock Holmes (1887) presenting negatively the Mormons, maybe there are differences of feeling between Great-Britain and the USA?

    Shabbat Shalom,



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