Things to do in Jerusalem when you are sick

So I have been sick at home for 2 days after being sick at a luxury hotel that I have been waiting for months to go to for 3 days. Nice week.

I have a lot to write about, books, tv series, politics, economics, end of the world stuff as 2012 seems really to be some kind of critical year. But I am too tired for that.

So I watched silly movies on DVD – just now « Battle Los Angeles » -, TV – once again incredible to see that with hundreds of channels, there is nothing to watch -, and reading. This last part is difficult because I can’t concentrate too much, so I chose a comic called « Fables« . I don’t like comics, I stopped reading them when I was a teenager, I never loved « mangas » or all the superhero American stupidities, even the more « intellectual » versions like « Watchmen ».

But lately I heard a lot about Fables because of the two new TV series « Once Upon A Time« , by former Lost writers Kitsis and Horowitz, on ABC, and « Grimm » on NBC. Apparently, these two shows have been inspired by « Fables », a tale about fairy tale characters living in the modern world. Fables itself was supposed to be adapted to TV but it is said to be too complex, sexy, and mature for the networks. Well, that’s what I read. The truth is the main reason I decided to look into Fables is when I read that the author explained that is was an allegory about Israel – and a pro-Israel one.

So I just started. We will see. For the moment, it’s just a comics.

And the pic is of a hot sahlav, a typical Jerusalem winter beverage.

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