The language question

So I am starting a new blog, the first after 4 or 5 years that was itself a short lived blog about Israeli advocacy called Extrael. This blog will be about nothing in particular, or everything: books, movies, politics, and stuff like that.

The main issue is in what language should I write it. French is my mother tongue and the easiest language to write for me but for 3 things:

– my keyboard is qwerty and I would write without all the « accents ».

– my French today is not what it used to be after 15 years in Israel. Sometimes I read what I used to write when I was a student in Paris and I am astonished by the quality of my style.

– and the most important: if I write in French, only French readers would read me, which is not my goal.

Hebrew is a good option: I am very fluent in it and can write at a high level, but not as well as I would always want. The problem here is the same: not everybody read Hebrew.

English could be the best solution – most people can read it – except for one little thing: I may read English almost perfectly but I can’t write it with sufficient ease and comfort to express what I want.

So I found a solution – I will write in all three languages, depending on the audience I want to reach and my own convenience in writing what I wish to write.

Of course, all this depends on people reading me. But that’s a question for latter. For now this blog is officially started !

Enjoy !

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